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Young Adult Life Groups

Jesus never intended his followers to live in isolation. Instead, it is in community that we find the strength and support to pursue God and grow. Following are some of the ways to find community at the Houston Vineyard.

Small Groups - a place for adults

Small Groups are the heart of our community and serve as an easy entrance into the life of the church. It is here that we journey with others on our path with Christ. Small Groups are:

  • A place of “family” where members can gain a sense of belonging, and genuinely share life together
  • A safe place to give and receive ministry
  • The first line of pastoral care
  • Places to learn how to apply biblical teaching to every day life and practice spiritual gifts in a small setting
  • A training ground for leadership

We strongly encourage you to visit a few Small Groups and find one where you can belong. Each one is unique, but they all have common elements of prayer, relationship, worship and studying God’s word.

Monthly young adults events

Young adults gather once a month to connect, encourage, and have fun! Please contact Jessica Lewis for more information.