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Our Philosophy on Small Groups


Here at the Vineyard, we believe that life is better together and the best way to live out life together is in the context of small groups. They are where people connect, grow, and journey with others on our path with Christ. Small groups are the heart of our church community and serve as an easy entrance into the life of the church. We believe everyone should be a part of a small group where they will find:

  • A place where members can gain a sense of belonging and genuinely share life together
  • A safe place to give and receive ministry
  • The first line of pastoral care
  • A place to learn how to apply biblical teaching to your life and practice spiritual gifts in a small setting
  • A training ground for ministry and leadership

We strongly encourage you to visit a few Small Groups and find one where you can belong.


We have four types of groups that encourage people in different life circumstances to try out a variety of groups, and find a good fit - whether it be part of one group or several groups.

Formation Groups - These groups meet for three cycles studying the James Bryan Smith Apprentice Series:
  • The Good and Beautiful God
  • The Good and Beautiful Community
  • The Good and Beautiful Life
Learning Groups - These groups focus on learning or training in a particular area of life or ministry. Many of our foundational classes are offered in the context of Learning Groups.
Leisure Groups - These groups gather folks together who have a shared interest on a defined topic, interest or activity.
Life Groups - These are small holistic communities that meet for one year. Each group is unique, but they all have common elements of prayer, relationship, worship and studying God’s word.

See listings for all groups here or pick up a brochure in the church foyer.

Most of our small groups meet in 12-week cycles, and then take a break for a month.

There are groups meeting every night of the week, at different times and locations throughout the greater Houston area. There are even some groups that meet right at the church that offer childcare! For more information about Small Groups, contact Michael Palandro.