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Pathway of Leadership

The Bible says that leadership in the church is a great work and something to which we should all aspire (1 Timothy 3:1). At VCH, we are always looking for those who want to care for God’s people and share responsibility for the mission that God has given us as a church. This kind of leadership is a sacred trust that we take seriously. Therefore we have laid out the following path for becoming a leader at VCH:

Attend Vineyard 101 and become a member of the church
Membership tells us that you believe God has placed you in our family, and you are ready to share life together with us.

Regularly attend Sunday services at VCH
This is important because it is the best way to know the direction the church is moving. We find that if everyone is pulling in the same direction, we make the most progress in doing what God has called us to do as a church.

Join a Small Group and become an integral part of it  
Almost all of our leaders come from our Small Groups. This is where people get connected
and use their gifts to minister to others. It is also where we get to see how consistent, faithful and gifted a person is for ministry. A commitment to Jesus also means a commitment to his people!

Begin serving in ministry here at VCH
God created us all to serve. Only when everyone is doing what God has gifted them to do will this church be all it can be.

Attend these foundational classes

These are beneficial and essential for anyone interested in leading at VCH:

  • An Integrated Approach to Healing
  • Breakthrough
  • Faith Conversations
  • Multicultural Workshop
  • Biblical Metanarrative

Begin tithing 10% of your income
This helps fund God’s work through VCH. Over the years we have found that money can be an idol in our culture. Tithing helps to break the hold that money may have on a person. We feel strongly that tithing is an important discipline for any disciple of Jesus to develop, and even more so for a leader. Our leaders share the financial responsibility for our work in our church, community, and world.

Demonstrate growth in godly character
This is manifested in your relationships at home, work, and church. The church needs people who can influence others to become more Christ-like and help them work together to achieve shared ministry goals.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Pathway of Leadership, please contact MIchael Palandro at