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Nursery - Pre-K

At the Vineyard Church of Houston, we want all our children, regardless of age, to know that...

  1. This church is a safe place.
  2. We want them to have a good time. Church should not be boring, because God is not boring! If we make church an exciting, safe, fun place  - it will help them make good friends and stay connected to church throughout their lives. And it makes life easier for you on Sunday morning!
  3. They are welcome and wanted in the Kingdom of God. Jesus wants to be the center of their lives.
  4. The church is a place where they are valued as unique creations and have opportunities to use their spiritual gifts.
  5. The Bible is true and the place to find answers to life’s toughest questions and situations.
  6. Their teachers will present God's word in a balanced, age-appropriate way that makes sense to them, using the community's brightest and best talent to teach through art, film, comedy, crafts, songs, drama, object lessons and puppets.

What will happen when your child arrives? The nursery opens each Sunday at 9:40am and closes at 12:50pm. Our nursery is located in the main building, right across the hall from the auditorium (see church diagram here). As you enter, you will see different classrooms divided by age group. Simply take your child to the appropriate window, and someone there will get your child registered and answer your questions. You will also receive a pager which we will use in case we need to reach you. If it should buzz while you are in church, please go immediately to the nursery. You will be asked to fill out a FAMILY INFORMATION CARD before you leave your child with us for the first time. To download this form ahead of time (and bring it with you) click here.

What happens if your child doesn't want to come in?  Most children go through stages in their reaction to Sunday School. These reactions range from extreme shyness and outbursts of frustration to skipping into class without giving parents a 2nd look. Sometimes the problems come when you pick them up - they simply don't want to leave. We hope you know that all of these reactions are normal, and we're not offended. We will work with you to shepherd your child through each stage. When you drop off your child, please let us know how you'd like us to handle your child's anxiety. From our experience, we'd like to make some suggestions:

1) Talk about going to church throughout the week. Let them know you are going to go, and you hope they enjoy it as much as you do.

2) Bring them on time! Important bonding happens during the first 15 minutes of class, leaving late arriving children feeling left out. Make sure your child is there during this time.

3) Don't linger. Tell your child firmly and gently that you are going to church and will return for them when it is over. Then leave. Try to use the monitors in the family room to check on your child instead of peeking in the classroom.

4) Come promptly to pick them up after the service. Anxious children are made more anxious by late parents. Try to pick your child up before visiting with others, or better yet, pick them up and visit in our family room!

5) Don't get discouraged. Keep bringing them. The transition will get easier and easier!

Who will care for my child?  Each service on Sunday has a different set of personnel. We use a combinaton of paid and volunteer workers. As a general rule, paid childcare workers handle the "nuts and bolts" of childcare (cleaning, potty breaks, diapers) and volunteers teach the children prepared lessons. Every childcare worker, whether volunteer or paid, has passsed a background check and sex abuse prevention training test.

To see a copy of our POLICIES AND PROCEDURES, click here.

Six Weeks to 18 Months - Our infant classroom is designed for babies ages 6 weeks to 18 months old. We sing songs, play baby games like and talk to your child as much as possible. The ratio in this room is 3 infants to one adult. We use this ratio so that every child can get the attention they deserve. Our goal in this room is to make your baby feel loved, safe and welcome.

18 Months to 3 Years - This classroom is designed for our growing toddlers until their 3rd birthday. We start free time with imagination stations, puzzles, dress up clothes, and toys. We have the children help us clean up, pray and serve snacks. While we are eating, we sing simple worship songs followed by a short lesson on Jesus. Our goal in this classroom is for your child to look forward to coming to church and learning about God’s love.

3 Years to Preschool - This classroom is designed for ages 3 to kindergarten. We combine free play, Bible song videos and snacks as enter, then let them participate in interactive worship songs, have a potty break, and then an exciting storytime where they learn about God’s greatest gift, Jesus! We use crafts, skits, puppets, guests and videos to keep church fresh and exciting for them. Our goal for this age is to teach them that church and learning about the Bible is fun.

To find out more or ask questions not covered here, contact our Children's Pastor, Jill Lively at or Nursery Diretor, Veronica Cabrera-Moreno at You can also call the church office at 713.869.9070.