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Financial Literacy Classes

Did you know that over 2000 verses in the Bible talk about money? We know that personal finances (i.e. MONEY!) can be confusing to understand, awkward to discuss, and the source of much anxiety and contention. We offer the following opportunities for you to gain knowledge and confidence to deal with your finances. For more information about the following, contact Harry Fritzenschaft.

Debt Reduction Workshop

Learn how to get out of debt and stay out of debt forever! This one-day workshop utilizes the Good Sense Financial Curriculum from Willow Creek.

Good $ense Budget Course

Using the Good Sense Budget Course materials from WIllowcreek Association, this six-week class helps people bring order to their finances. Learn biblical principles to become a diligent earner, generous giver, wise saver cautious debtor and prudent consumer.

Financial Counseling

We also offer financial counseling on a limited basis. If you need this service, please contact Harry Fritzenschaft.