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Hurricane Harvey Response

Friends, we want to turn to Jesus during this time in our city and help those that are hurting and have lost so much. Our church will be striving to meet the needs that are brought to our attention. If you need help with your home (removing debris, gutted, repairs), please fill out this form for assistance. October 21 will be the last day that this service is available.

Our food pantry co-op in the Heights still needs food and dry goods. They have not received their weekly delivery from the Houston Food Bank since Harvey happened, which typically makes up 70% of their inventory. You can drop off donations for the HIM Food Pantry at our church every Sunday (look for the red shopping cart in the foyer) or directly to the pantry’s drop box at 3523 Beauchamp. They need canned soups and stews, peanut butter, cereal, pasta, and powdered milk.

We have now closed our giving link and are in the process of distributing the funds received. Thank you for your generous financial support!