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Elementary (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

In children’s church, we walk through the Bible, book by book, every 6 years. We started in the New Testament - then move to the Old Testament. We believe that the Bible’s truths, when communicated effectively, are far better than any movie, fairy tale, comic book, or video game imaginable! On Sunday, the elementary children have breakfast snacks, sing, dance, enjoy a group lesson, and then divide into small groups for crafts, games, and prayer. To find out more about our elementary department, as well as a schedule of our curriculum, click here.

At the Vineyard Church of Houston, we want all our children, regardless of age, to know that...

  1. This church is a safe place.
  2. We want them to have a good time. Church should not be boring, because God is not boring! If we make church an exciting, safe, fun place  - it will help them make good friends and stay connected to church throughout their lives. And it makes life easier for you on Sunday morning!
  3. They are welcome and wanted in the Kingdom of God. Jesus wants to be the center of their lives.
  4. The church ai a place where they are valued as unique creations and have opportunities to use their spiritual gifts.
  5. The Bible is true and the place to find answers to life’s toughest questions and situations.
  6. Their teachers will present God's word in a balanced, age-appropriate way that makes sense to them, using the community's brightest and best talent to teach through art, film, comedy, crafts, songs, drama, object lessons and puppets.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade
Our youngest children join the big group for announcements, celebrations, worship, and a lesson. Then they go to their own classroom where their teachers understand this age group and their unique needs. We teach them simple memory verses and reinforce the lesson with games and crafts, ending with a special time of prayer. This room also leads out to our small garden and playground.

2nd - 3rd Grade
What a delightful age! These children also join the big group for announcements, worship, celebrations, and a lesson. They go to their own classroom and learn memory verses, reenact the lesson, enjoy crafts, and share prayer requests. They end with prayer for each need expressed and review God’s answered prayer from previous weeks.

4th - 5th Grade
Depending on fluctuating needs and attendance, we sometimes separate boys from girls in this age group. These are the “big kids” to the rest of the children. We encourage them to take leadership in worship, lessons, and prayer. They have common elements with the younger classes; memory verses, games, activities, and crafts. We spend extra time with these children sharing prayer requests, reviewing God’s answered prayer, and praying for each other.

Other things we do for our next generation...
We value our next generation and recognize them as the church of tomorrow. From infant to teens, we have designed programs to guide them through their stages of spiritual and emotional development. 
Watch for information on the following:

Vineyard Regional Summer Kids’ Camp (2nd - 5th)
Doin’ The Stuff for teens
Art shows and special events
Teen boys' and teen girls' Bible study
Worship dance
Mission trips
Tuesday night youth group
Middle high school mentoring
Service projects

And for you? We offer periodic parenting classes to help you raise these wonderful children!

If you are interested in serving in the Elementary Department (or any of our next generation ministries) there are a number of different ways with varied time commitments. Email Nursery Diretor, Veronica Cabrera-Moreno at or our Children's Pastor, Jill Lively, at