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I came to the Houston Vineyard Church because of a beautiful woman! Lisa invited me to attend church with her and 17 years later, we have a wonderful marriage, two beautiful children (Mackenzie and Graham), and a spiritual home. I am very blessed and excited to be your Youth Pastor.

Although I'm not a native Texan, I am definitely a true Houstonian. I was born and raised in South Carolina. It was as a student at the University of South Carolina that I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was involved in campus and international ministries while studying theater and criminal justice. A job with the A.D. Players Theater brought me to Houston. In my three and a half years as a professional actor with the Players, I performed, taught and managed a touring unit. Then came the most terrifying and challenging opportunity - but one that would help me uncover my real passion. After leaving the A.D. Players, I worked teaching theater to public and private schools with a non-profit organization. Amidst my fear, I realized that I loved working with and serving young people. This love grew and developed into what is now InterActive Theater Company, a children's theater I co-founded and led as Executive Director. InterActive gave me so many opportunities to work with families, children, and teachers from diverse neighborhoods in Houston.

Now at the Vineyard Church, my passion for working with young people has taken me to a new chapter in my life. I'm not a one-dimensional guy though! My other loves include sports, traveling, home improvement projects, and spending time with my family and our golden poodle, Jolie. A professor in college once asked me, "What do you want to do with your life?" I answered, "I want to have an impact for eternity."  I cannot think of a better or more significant way to have an impact for God's kingdom now and for eternity than investing in the lives of young people. I am grateful to God for my place here, and I look forward to seeing his hand move in and through our youth. In addition to being the youth pastor, I also head up our missions efforts in Turkey, Latin America, and Mexico.