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The Arts Guild exists to give artists in our church community (and those that support the arts) a place to gather, support, collaborate and encourage one another in their creative endeavors. More than simply a platform for artists to express their gifts, the Arts Guild allows artists to partner with other church leaders to create a culture that deepens our worship and presents God's story to the world in more powerful ways. The Arts Guild meets, as a group, once a quarter.

You can be involved in our Arts Guild in the following ways:

Dance - Dance can be a vibrant form of worship just like singing or playing an instrument. To worship is to bring honor, praise, and glory to the Father. The vision of the Vineyard dance team is do just that - bring glory to God through worshipping him with dance. To find out more about worship dance, contact Tapley Whaley.

Visual Arts - The visual arts, as expressed through photography, painting, and sculpture, have a rich heritage at our church. From the bas relief as you enter the foyer to the exhibits in the Cafe and Art Hallway, it is evident that our church values the perspective and inspiration of visual artists. We invite you to participate in special events, exhibits, performances, and openings celebrating the visual arts. For more information, contact Nancy Jones.

Music - Reflecting our love for God through music is a powerful way to express ourself artistically. Providing a platform for different styles and genres of music, as well as instruments, the Arts Guild encourages our community's musicians and gives them an opportunity to showcase their work. For more information, contact Jessica Lewis.

Please feel free to email our Pastor of Worship and the Arts, Jessica Lewis, with any questions.